Friday, March 13, 2009


Birthdays: A constant reminder that our kids are growing older and we're just....OLD! Yesterday we celebrated Mica's 11th birthday. Today, our youngest son Quinn, turned six.

It is hard to fathom that our sons are no longer the baby's they were just a short time ago, especially as we watch Jen's siblings welcome more new babies into the Kolowich family. Diapers are an abnormality within the walls of our home and screaming is contained within the confines of our television.

We have to admit though that when there are tiny babies visiting our home, cooing and wobbling around on unsure, delicate feet we have glimpses of yesteryear when we were new parents. But those memories are fleeting and we are enjoying the stage they are in now, wondering what tomorrow will bring as our ‘Tweeners’ become true teens.

Happy Birthday Mica! Happy Birthday Quinn! God bless and bring you with many more to come!