Thursday, December 18, 2008

White Christmas

It appears we're going to have a White Christmas after all! Well, we're still a week away I know but this snow is relentless. I've been out twice, just this morning to get it off the walks and driveway and its still coming down. This is the view from our back porch. There is one plus to having this much snow on the ground...It conceals all of the yard work that I was supposed to have done before it fell!

We're just hours away from hosting a small party for some of Jen's siblings, cousins and an aunt and uncle. The roads are slick (I nearly slid into a tractor parked on the side of the road on my way to drop the boys off to school) so we pray that everyone will make it here safely. We can't wait!

Monday, December 1, 2008

A Matua Thanksgiving

After a fun-filled evening with the Kolowich's, we spent Friday evening with the Matua's. Even after all these years, we just seem to learn so much about and from each other. We had traditional fare (again) and played games into the night. All of the adults went home, but some of the kids lingered and even spent Sunday with us.

I guess the primary difference between Jen's family and Seti's family is that one family's kids are all under the age of eight and the other has lot's of tween's and teen's.

Dad had Thanksgiving several times that night. The Alzheimer's is progressing but we're doing our best to make him comfortable. He's coping well mentally, but his body is doing much better after the new pacemaker.

We owe our Father in Heaven so much!

A Kolowich Thanksgiving

We were absolutely SAD that the General of the Matua Troops was at work Thanksgiving morning, but we were ecstatic that she was able to join us for Thanksgiving dinner. We had the fine opportunity to have Thanksgiving dinner at a local museum of animal trophies....HA-HA! Actually it was held in the Heath home in the Avenues and dinner was delicious - Turkey, ham, candied yams, salads, rolls and to top it all off, incredible, luscious gravy! Mmmmm! Scrumptious!

After dinner at the Heath's, we were joined by a few of our family members on our annual tradition of walking off dinner at Temple Square. Hugh, Tara, Kara, Pearl and their children all joined us for a breath of fresh (cold) air and beautiful scenery. Oh, and Kyamani was there.

We concluded the night of festivities with a dessert and games at our house! It was so much fun although I was informed by Miss Lana Belle (future Alpine School District teacher) that my A's were not very good. A story for the campfire!