Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Back On Track

Yes, its been a long time but we have recommitted to getting our blog back in shape. We've reached several milestones in the Matua household, one of which is NOT employment for Seti. Despite what our new President insists is an end to the recession, the unemployment rate continues to climb and the job market becomes more and more competitive. Thank goodness for small miracles. Seti has been picking up contract work to help with mounting expenses and the entire family has made sacrifices to ensure that we survive the economic hardships. We are so grateful for your prayers and for the support from our family and friends. We are given these trials as a test of our faith and we're doing our best to pass the test.

On a much lighter note, Kenyon celebrated his ninth birthday a week ago. He continues to be a wonderful student and has made so many friends here in Lehi. He's looking forward to starting another season of football and has become known in the area for his bright smile.

Mica recently turned 11-years-old and was awarded his Arrow of Light in our last Pack Meeting and is now a Scout working on his first advancement to Tenderfoot. Mica is finally breaking out of his shell (can you believe it?) and his inquisitive mind and athletic abilities make him a neighborhood favorite amongst children and adults.

Chase has really flourished in school this year. He has made a number of great new friends who share his passion for music, art and sports. He says he's going to give football another shot this season. Chase is becoming a VERY good cook and often prepares wonderful meals for our family.

There are so many things that Kingston wants to accomplish this Summer but he's most excited about making money. He wants to referee flag football but for the time being is happy to mow lawns in the area. In our Scout Court of Honor this past Sunday, Kingston was awarded his Life rank and is now working on finishing final requirements to become an Eagle Scout.

Finally, Quinn still rules the roost. He is a great helper but an even better comedian. Quinn has a way of boosting our spirits, even when he's not trying. Its always nice to have a bit of comic relief to get us through the day and Quinn has been a vital part of ensuring that there are always light hearts and warm spirits in our home.

As a family, we earned the Heart of Scouting pin, a religious award that is given to Scouts and families who fulfill the requirements outlined by the BSA. We're so happy that we accomplished a goal that we set as individuals and as a family.

Finally, we are so proud of Jen who has taken a voluntary lay-off from the airlines to pursue an opportunity closer to home. She is the new Customer Care Manager for an assisted living center here in Lehi and we're so grateful that she can use her unique talents and abilities to grow in a new challenge. We listen each night as she recounts stories from the lives of these wonderful, ripe spirits and the funny things they say and do. We'll miss our jet-setting (for sure), but we're so happy to have her closer, where she is the centerpiece of our home.

Once again, we thank all of you, our friends and family, for all of your support. Next on the Matua Agenda:
  • A Trip to the Holy Land
  • A Heath Wedding
  • Bonding With the Abarca's