Sunday, December 26, 2010

Another Matua Christmas

There will NEVER be a substitute for the time we spend together as family. Over the years we have watched our sons grow older physically and spiritually with their cousins on both sides of the family and each Christmas season the focus has become less and less about the gifts we give and receive and more about the true meaning of the season, the birth and life of our Savior Jesus Christ.

This year as has been the case since I was a child myself, my family gathered to celebrate Christmas Eve by enjoying good food, reminisce about the past and contemplate the future. We were sad that Eddie, Darius and Theresa and their respective families could not join us this time, but we thought of them often throughout the night.

On Christmas day, Jen's family joined us for brunch. It was a relatively quiet day and it was evident even with the Kolowich's that everyone is growing older and soon, the numbers in our family gatherings will soon decrease as our children move on to college and missions. So, we cherish these next few years together as major changes loom on the horizon.

We are so grateful for our families. We love them dearly. As we prepare for yet another new year, we pray that it brings us opportunities to serve others, develop and nurture current and new relationships and do what we can to encourage success in our individual and family goals.

We hope that there are fewer heartaches as we remember the death of our beloved uncle Kepi, less accidents as Seti continues to recover from his broken leg and that we can do everything we possibly can to bring happiness and warmth to others and members of our extended family.

Happy New Year from the Matua's!