Tuesday, January 28, 2014

A little bit of 2014 is already a lot

I think in some ways we have finally left behind the elation of the holiday season - just barely though because there are still lingering effects of the holiday spirit and the noxious feeling of tedium and melancholy when reality rabidly returns with a fever. But such is life and we have to work hard before we can play hard, right?

Kenyon, Quinn and their Mama - Sam Boyd Stadium
The highlight of the Christmas season was being able to speak to and hear Elder Matua’s voice. So much has changed and yet so much remains the same. We heard the slight hint of Hawaiian inflection and the subtle nuance of pidgin but the most notable and the most memorable is the maturity and the obvious love for the work in which he is actively engaged.

We got a visit from Grandma Karen who got to speak to Elder Matua briefly and from several friends and family throughout the long break. We are so excited for 2014 and already we have been humbled and blessed with new and exciting challenges.

Chase (2nd from R bottom row) and his
United Rugby team
Chase is wrapping up the final stretch of his life as a high school student. He plans to submit his mission papers in April and will work to save up some cash before he gets his call. In the meantime he is enjoying time with his friends and ready to play his final season of rugby with his United Rugby Club. We are hoping that they can repeat their national championship success this year.

Mica is slowly (but I doubt ever completely) coming out of his shell. We find our occasional splashes of conversation with him invigorating, promising and mostly entertaining. He has learned some valuable life lessons in the past four months (long story) but there is no mistaking Mica’s independence and his work ethic. He and his friends are once again the anchor and soul of our Freshman-Sophomore rugby team and we’re excited for the season already.
Mica (2nd from L bottom row) and his
United Rugby Sevens team

Kenyon is one of those kids who is a friend to everyone. The other day Jen went to school to have lunch with him and every single kid seemed to know him. That could be a good thing or a bad thing but Kenyon has more good in him than I’ve ever seen in any one person. He is so much fun and such a great helper to his parents. A great student and an even better human being.

Quinn’s growing too fast and is already aching for more independence. We love that he enjoys being with his friends but shouldn't that happen when they are teenagers? We are sad that he’s not our tiny little boy anymore but we’re ecstatic that he’s doing so well in school and having fun with great friends. Now if we could just get him to tidy up his room ….

We just returned from a nice quick vacation to Las Vegas where Chase and Mica competed in the Las Vegas Rugby Invitational against teams from all over the nation and the world. We didn't get the result we were hoping for but it gave the boys time to bond and get back into rugby mode after the long off-season. We also got a chance to see some of our favorite teams (Samoa, New Zealand and South Africa) play in the professional competition.
Jen and Seti - USA Sevens, Sam Boyd Stadium

We have so much planned for 2014 and God-willing, we are confident that it's going to be a great year. Yes, there will always be hardships and trials but we know that we are blessed as well. We continue to enjoy our church callings, our jobs are steady, our house is warm and we are obviously well fed. We hope that you, our dear friends and family are feeling our Father in Heaven's love and that you feel blessed as well as we begin another new year.

Alofa tele ma ia manuia
(All our love and be blessed)

Seti, Jen and the boys