Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Heroes, Mascots and Missionaries

With Chase before Homecoming Dance
"We're making memories!"

That has been our family theme since last year when we realized that we have such a short time left with our sons before they leave for missions, college and .... other stuff :) We tried desperately to make sure that every 'first' for Kingston (drivers license, prom, graduation, temple, etc) was a major milestone and we're doing the same with Chase this year as he prepares himself for the next phase in life - the life beyond high school. It is such a bittersweet time for us but we are so proud of our boys and the examples that they are setting for their young brothers.

Heroes and the Mascot Bowl
Jen had the incredible opportunity to spend the day with the wife of a firefighter who lost his life, along with 18 of his fellow Arizona Granite Mountain Hot Shots colleagues in July. Juliann Ashcraft's husband Andrew perished in the fire but his memory lives on in the way that Juliann and her children are living their lives and through the inspirational story of the "Be Better" wristbands that were inspired by Andrew in one of their final family home evenings together. In the short time that Jen spent with Juliann (she and her husband were honored at the Lehi High School Mascot Bowl), they were able to form a bond through their love of family and the gospel.

(L-R) Kelcey, Jen, Cosmo and Juliann
As part of his Sports Marketing class at Lehi High School, Chase took part in the organization and fulfillment of the 10th Annual Mascot Bowl which has become a highlight for many here in Lehi and surrounding communities. Chase said it was exhausting but it was well worth it because of what the the Mascot Bowl represents and what it does for the community. Since we moved here to Lehi, Kingston, Chase and Mica have been privileged to play in the bowl game and Kenyon had his chance last night. This has been such a great thing for Lehi and for our family.

Hot Chocolate and football
Chase got his first interception of the season in their homecoming game against Spanish Fork on Friday. After the heart-breaking loss against Pleasant Grove two weeks ago, the victory against SF helped to ease the pain and it was a good way for the team to enjoy their homecoming weekend.

Mica's team earned another victory on a cold and blustery Thursday. They did so well against the Spanish Fork sophomore team that their coaches were able to give their entire team some playing time. Mica has really enjoyed playing this season but he is very happy that he is learning and working hard to put more muscle on his frame.

Quinn's team had a bye this week but they used the time off to work on their fundraiser. If any of you are interested in buying a case of apples for $20, please let Quinn know.

Finally, Kenyon's team fought hard but eventually fell to a very disciplined American Fork team. Kenyon plays hard on offense, defense and special teams but he's always looking for more ways that he can contribute to the team.

More aloha from the Big Island
Every Monday we look forward to an email from Elder Matua in Hawaii. You can read his latest update on the blog. They are getting shorter but we hope that this is due to the fact that he's too busy doing the Lord's work :) We have also received some heartfelt letters from him in the mail and are encouraged by the growth that he has experienced already in the short time that he has been in the field.

He sends his love to all and says that he prays for all of us at home. He is having such a wonderful time and he is making his own memories as he serves the people of Hawaii.

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