Monday, October 14, 2013

Lehi Beats American Fork
On a rain soaked field, the Lehi High School football team did what they have failed to do for the past ten years - beat American Fork High School. Mica's team absolutely destroyed the home team last Tuesday night and on Wednesday in front of a stunned crowd, Chase's varsity team repeated the feat.

When the Cavemen jumped out to an early 14 point lead in the first five minutes of the game, the Pioneer faithful hunkered down for another long night of what everyone expected to be a blow out. But after that initial assault of points, the Pioneers found their defensive legs and held the Cavemen scoreless for the rest of the half to go into the locker room with 14-3 lead.

From the very beginning of the second half it appeared that Lehi was a team possessed. The Pioneers ran in 28 unanswered points and denied the Cavemen from scoring again until late in the fourth quarter for a final score of 31-21.

Both Chase and Mica did very well in their respective games and look forward to another big test this week against a Herriman team that sits alone at the top of Region 4. If Lehi can secure another win and Lone Peak and Pleasant Grove fall to their region opponents this week, Lehi may eek through into the playoff's for the first time since 2004.

Wish us luck this week!

Birthday Girl
Jen celebrated her birthday this year in an unorthodox way but it was exactly what she wanted to do - we started painting our bedroom and bathroom after Quinn and Kenyon made her breakfast. Since moving into our home here in Lehi we haven't done much to change the look and feel of our home but its time to brighten things up a bit and upgrade a few things to give it a newer, fresher look.

As an added treat, she spent the day with her sisters in Tooele visiting a dear family friend, Nanette Abarca who was recently diagnosed with a rare brain tumor. We are all saddened by the news of her diagnosis and prognosis but they were all uplifted by Nanette's positive attitude and outlook, vowing to fight the disease with the help and support of her loved ones and friends. We wish her the absolute best and ask that you keep her in your prayers.

We rounded off the birthday celebration's with the Saratov Approach (highly recommended for too many reasons to list here). Jen cried through most of the movie because of what those missionaries had to endure but also because she's always thinking about her own missionary in Hawaii. We had a nice visit from Grandma Karen who always show's us so much love. We are grateful for her kindness, love and enduring support!

But the biggest surprise for Jen was receiving a care package from her missionary son in Kona, HI. What an excellent gift. It absolutely made her day.

Update from Elder Matua
Speaking of our missionary, we got our latest update and some photo's from Elder Matua that have been posted on his blog. He sounds so positive and upbeat after conference and transfers that its hard not to feel happy along with him. With the news of the tragic loss of two more missionaries this past week alone, we have been praying earnestly that Kingston and all of the missionaries around the world are safe as they preach the gospel. We are truly grateful for your prayers on Kingston's behalf.

Fall Break
The boys are headed back to school tomorrow after spending most of the time lounging about, hanging out with friends, complaining about doing their chores, asking to spend more time with their friends, complaining about doing homework and giving us headaches. But we still love them (somehow) because without them life would be boring, right? We have another busy week ahead as Chase completes his Eagle Scout paperwork, Mica and Kenyon work on their own Eagle Scout paperwork and potential projects, work, work and more work. Life is never dull in the Matua household.

Enjoy your week family and friends. Please email, Facebook, call or text to let us know how you're doing.

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