Tuesday, October 22, 2013

It's been another eventful week with just a few quick updates.

Another Eagle Scout
Chase - Rippy Literacy Center
Before the Eagle Project was started
We nag. We prod. We kick, punch and poke - Okay we don't really do the latter but you get the idea.
One of the primary goals that we set out as a family was for each of the boys to earn their Eagle Scout rank before they leave on their missions. We prefer that they get it done before they turn 16 but obviously each boy has their own way of doing things and both Kingston and Chase decided that they would get it done when they are 17. Regardless, Chase has finally done it! He did his Eagle Project in December 2012 (a new coat of paint for the Rippy Literacy Center) and had his final Eagle Board of Review last Thursday.

Chase w/Nancy (Rippy Literacy Center Manager)
after his Eagle Project was completed
We are so proud of Chase's hard work in fulfilling all of the requirements to earn his Eagle rank. We are working on getting Eagle projects selected and approved for Mica and Kenyon and hope to have one big Eagle Court of Honor for the boys. We will keep you posted.

Family Time
In keeping with our theme to spend as many precious moments with our boys before they leave our home on missions, for school and to experience the world on their own, we took a drive up American Fork Canyon with some of our Kolowich family to experience the fall colors. We stopped at Tibble Fork Reservoir to let the kids run around and enjoy the fresh clean air and wonders of nature.

As we stood by and watched our boys interact with their younger cousins we reminisced briefly on our blessings and watched with admiration, the interactions between each set of parents and their own children. Our children grow up so fast - it may not seem that way when they are clinging to us as little toddlers but when they are off on they are off on their own you wonder more and more where all the time has gone. We are so grateful for every moment that we have to spend with our boys.

Can you suggest other family activities that we can take part in this Fall/Winter?

A Technology Challenge
In our Sunday School class we talked about using questions to effectively teach others about Christ. One portion of the discussion was dedicated to having meaningful conversations to strengthen relationships with those whom we interact with. As part of the lesson we talked about the benefits and setbacks of technology and showed the video "Things as they really are". The video highlights the remarks of Elder David A. Bednar and the gospel's stance on technology and how it can be used for good.

So much of our time is taken up by technology, particularly social media and gaming that we lose sight of what matters most. We even had a classic example of that on Sunday as each one of us had our head buried in technology rather than taking the time to have meaningful, heartfelt, relationship-building face-to-face conversations. We have taken up a challenge to be more conscious of these things by limiting our time on technology and focusing more on actual conversations. It has become a lost art that we hope as a family to reestablish and work on together.

What are your thoughts on technology?

A Missionary Challenge
Elder Kingston Matua (we clarify this point so as not to confuse with his cousin Elder Wilson Matua) is really enjoying the work in Kona, HI. He and his companion have made significant headway with part-member and non-member families in the area where he is serving and will have their first baptism today! Read more about it on his blog.

In this week's update Kingston shared once again his love for the work but one thing impressed us enough to share with you here - he wanted us as a family to have a missionary plan/goal to push the work forward here in our own community and Ward. President and Sister Warner challenged the members in the Kona area to have a mission plan to bring the gospel to others. We were reminded of this same missionary game plan by Elder S. Gifford Nielsen in the last General Conference in his talk "Hastening the Lord's Game Plan."

We aren't quite sure what we will do as a family to rise to the challenge but we know that we have a responsibility to do what we can to assist the work.

What can we do to help move the missionary effort forward?

We are loved
We are truly blessed to have friends and family who love and support us. We express our sincere love and appreciation for your kindness, your service and love. Our Heavenly Father has given us so much and we pray daily to find ways that we can repay your love and His through service.

We look forward to another productive, eventful and fun filled week! May you all be safe and blessed by His love. Soifua ma ia manuia lenei vaiaso!

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